Monday, March 21, 2011

Yyrkoon - Occult Medicine

There's always a little something special about French metal, especially of the black and death varieties. Yyrkoon is no exception: they weild a hybrid style somewhat akin to, say, Anaal Nathrakh, but with an added twist of 90's-style death-n-roll à la Entombed and some nutso ESL lyrics. Lazy comparisons and genre-milking aside, my main attraction is of course to their Lovecraftian mindset and commitment to madness. Occult Medicine is a set of songs based around Herbert West, Re-Animator - both the short novel and the series of films. My only minor gripes with this album are the too-clean production and lack of dynamics, but this is more than made up for by the ferocity of the playing and the whirling chaos of the songwriting. Their next album, Unhealthy Opera, is a full descent into Lovecraftian cosmic horror, but tonight the splattery spray of fluids and concrete-muffled night terrors of this one just felt right.
Their heavy steps
And their twisted steps
Awakening a vision of terror
Freezing each human’s brains


  1. Production is indeed super slick, but it's way heavy. Awesome record. Re-Animator is one of my all time favorite stories/movies.

  2. It's a similar progression to Anaal Nakrath, actually, and tons of other bands. The cleaner production doesn't make it less heavy but I miss some of the grit and grime in the dark corners.


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