Saturday, March 26, 2011

Varghkoghargasmal - Drowned in Lakes

Here's another strange one for you, a one-man black metal band from Germany that's equal parts madness and beauty. Varghkoghargasmal plays what is referred to as Wooden Metal, which would seem to be a mutation of atmospheric black metal similar to Swamp favorites Forgotten Land, but with a bent towards surf guitar, cheesy haunted house keyboards, and drums that sound as if they were laid down arbitrarily and without regard to which song they belong to, or what tempo they should be. It's pretty baffling, to be honest, but quite tasty for fans of unintentional gibbering brilliance created by the mad and retarded. Hints of Dead Milkmen, Men's Recovery Project, Sunn O))), Screaming Lord Sutch, the Mummies, Old Skull, and other sublime abortions.
Taste Of Orodrir


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