Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Nips - All the Time in the World

I've got to make this a quick one as well, but let me just say that this single by the Nips, a.k.a. the Nipple Erectors, features future walking cautionary tale Shane MacGowan of the Pogues on vocals, as well as band members who would go on to be in such diverse projects as the Pretenders, Skrewdriver, the Damned, and Culture Club. Blending the standard '77 punk sensibility with hints of northern soul, Animals-ish R&B, and nary a whiff of Irish ballardry, these two songs are over before you can brush your teeth. Astute Swamplings may recognize the b-side from that Drags record I posted a while back, and those with brain cells to kill might want to try Googling "nips all the time" just for wheezy, whiskey-induced giggles.
Don't Mess Around With Me

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