Sunday, March 20, 2011

Reino Ermitaño

Tonight we require a bit of soothing and hypnosis to focus long enough on this flickering screen to be able to adequately communicate with my Swamplings, and conversely we had already planned to post this strange album by Peru's doom coven Reino Ermitaño. The immediate thing this brings to mind may be Acid King, as it is fairly straightforward traditional doom metal, with female vocals and entwined, melodic guitar. But whereas Acid King feels like a walk in the woods with a handle of whiskey, this album is more of a siren-beckoned stumble into black oblivion, nudging it toward the Jex Thoth/Blood Ceremony camp. Lyrical themes - as far as my rusty Spanish can be relied upon - include isolation (the band name means "Hermit Kingdom"), lucid dreaming, and witchery. This is their first album of three, with the promise of another this year, so keep the fires burning and don't forget to feed the toads, dearies.
Profundidad De Las Sombras


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