Saturday, July 17, 2010

Manilla Road - The Courts of Chaos

After racking my brain all day trying to come up with a post for today, finally this little item clicked into place and the circle became complete. Heavy Metal's most literate band, Manilla Road, are in prime form here. The are so many references to horror and fantasy fiction that it's difficult to sort them out, but here's two: Lovecraftian author Roger Zelazny's novel The Courts of Chaos provides the title, and Robert Bloch, another disciple and eventual author of Psycho, supplies the title and framework of perhaps the album's best song, "Dig Me No Grave." There's also a killer cover of Bloodrock's proto-metal gem "D.O.A." Add to this a song inspired by the old man's "From Beyond" and a post-apocalyptic closing epic and you've got a winner, start to finish.
The Machine is Emanating...

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