Friday, July 23, 2010

Dicks - Peace?

Here's some more communist homosexual Texas punk to terrify your friends and pets with! The Dicks are likely my favorite out of the whole Texas 80's hardcore scene, largely due to the charisma and fearlessness of frontman Gary Floyd. It takes serious cojones to squeeze your portly frame into a nurse's outfit and then get onstage at a redneck bar and fling condoms full of mayonnaise at burly subhumans in cowboy hats. Here, Floyd decries both the Nuclear Eighties and the apathetic, apolitical attitude of those surrounding him. The three song titles on this 7 inch record just about sum it up: "No Fucking War," "Nobody Asked Me," and "I Hope You Get Drafted."
Hope you're the first to fry.


  1. What do you think of Black Kali Ma Abdul?

  2. After initial skepticism it grew on me considerably, especially the songs where Gary Floyd sounds like Big Gay Danzig.


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