Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jex Thoth and Pagan Altar split

Tonight finds your host in an uncharacteristically relaxed mode - perhaps it's the strange concoction I've been sipping on throughout the afternoon - and too restful to work up a whirlwind of adjectives and invective over anything, let alone listen to some tuneless grindcore or gibbering noise abortion. Instead, let's go sit in the backyard and listen to this Jex Thoth/ Pagan Altar split and watch the moths fatally orbit the porch light. Jex Thoth have been lighting up the metal community recently with their dreamy, female fronted, organ-heavy mutation of early Sabbath miasma, and of course Pagan Altar are elder statesmen of the doom genre, and in absolutely top form here. Yours truly maintains a weak spot for both bands, and in combination they produce a buzzing, blissful Lethian cocktail to complement the swirling orange vortex that fills my cup...

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