Sunday, July 25, 2010

Kvelertak - Westcoast Holocaust

In light of their recent self-titled full length release I feel comfortable pushing this three year old demo out of the nest and into the void. Kvelertak (Norwegian for "Stranglehold") play what can loosely defined as black metal, but they have as much in common with AC/DC, Kylesa, Tight Bros From Way Back When, and Turbonegro as they do with Darkthrone or Satyricon. The new album is astounding but the demos possess a lo-fi hiss that adds immeasurable charm and character to these distinctive, cowbell-heavy songs. The majority of this is sung in Norwegian but the meaning and message behind these songs remains universal:


  1. This band is one of my favorite new bands, they're also amazing live.

    And its Norwegian not Swedish.

    1. They are incredible. Saw them at download this year, the vocalist Erlend came out wearing an eagle owl over his whole head and 20 seconds later began, 45 minutes of pure madness. See them at all costs because if this crazy train comes off the rails and you haven't, you'll have missed a unique and brutal experience.

  2. Oops, how embarrassing. Fixed.
    A little too much Mjød last night apparently...

  3. Fantastic post! Interesting to see where they came from and how much they owe to Kurt Ballou for developing their sound. Mjod though was almost fully formed even then

  4. is there any way to get this demo in 320kbps?


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