Friday, May 14, 2010

Rudimentary Peni - Live at the Venue 12-20-92

Greetings! Today finds your host in much better health and spirits, and he has brought wonderful presents for the little ones. This is a recording of what I believe to be the last Rudimentary Peni show, ten years after their "final" one, in the wake of considerable hardship concerning the mental health of their leader Mr. Nick Blinko. More remarkably, this contains perhaps the only recorded live versions of any tracks from "Cacophony," arguably the most famous and important Lovecraftian album of all time. Although my sickness this week has been more gastrointestinal than mental, this sudden upswing in energy and vitality reminded me of this show and thus I share my germs with you.
Things have learned to walk that ought to crawl.


  1. Far out, I was good mates with the guys in Homage Freaks and knew a dude in Experiment too (both on the above flyer). Seeing that is beyond weird. I remember hearing about this show. Thanks as ever Abdul.


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