Friday, May 28, 2010

Finngálkn - Tyranny From Beyond the Styx

Unlike many similar blogs of this ilk, your dreamlike navigator relies on anonymity rather than name recognition. Granted, several blogs operate under this same pretense. However, they tend to be thinly-veiled self-reflective puff pieces at best and glorified (read: boring) fanzines that one doesn't even have to fold and staple (or, y'know, fill with content) at worst. As a non-converstionalist and a constant rider of the sub-par public transit system here in the parallel universe that jostles up next to yours, I understand the stony silence of most Swamp residents (or transients) as the end result of either serious scholarship or skull-crushing fear and tend to proceed without feedback one way or another. However, here's some more Doom Metal and if you have a hard time understanding it you just come talking to Uncle Abdul - don't be shy, but don't speak up if you sleep well.

1 comment:

  1. hey man, as always, great work on the site, you certainly update with more frequency than i update mine....when you get a chance, send me an

    new yog sothoth demo finished, i want to send you one...please get up with me.
    take care and praise the old ones!



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