Saturday, May 15, 2010

Part 1 - Pictures of Pain

Speaking of Rudimentary Peni, they are generally regarded as existing more-or-less in their own continuum, among the Crass Records peace punks but not of them. One of the few bands who operated on similar wavelengths and was considered friends with RP was the un-Googleable band Part 1, who shared a taste for the eldritch and macabre. Unlike RP, Part 1 favored long songs and seems to have absorbed some crustier influences from Amebix and the like as well. We are fortunate that Pusmort records had the foresight to release this important LP in 1985 before Part 1 vanished from the face of the earth forever.


  1. Thank you, sir, for this wondrous blog, and for posting such beguiling sounds therein. IA, I say to you sir, IA!

  2. When unzipping, it told me that the song "Black Mass" was corrupted. Was everything OK on your end or is this the only version available on the Interwebz?


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