Sunday, February 21, 2010

In The Mouth of Madness

Lo, gentle reader, the night grows darker and stranger and I fear I have not the strength to continue much longer with this confession. I have seen things most terrible tonight, and I have been a part of them. This series of aughts and zeros is testament to the horrible labour of John Carpenter and Jim Lang, concentric circles within spirals descending into unknowable oblivion. The initial cacophony may be shocking, with seemingly ancient arabesque guitar music from the distant and scarcely mourned 1990's, a brutish dark age; after this is endured, however, the listener may settle into a black fugue of meditation only occasionally interrupted by the odd axe murder or ruptured threshold.
I'll not spoil the ending for you.


  1. This soundtrack is fucking amazing. Mid 90's motivational guitar squealing = LOVECRAFT AS FUCK.

    PS if you are interested i'd be stoked if you wanted to do one of these: if interested.

  2. Thanks for this, one of the only Carpenter OSTs I don't have. Love this movie too, Carpenter can do Lovecraftian better than anyone. Would love to see him adapt an actual HPL story someday. Please take a look at my newish blog: - horror, SF film with a tendency towards Cronenbergian body horror and gothic/Lovecraftian weirdness. Also OSTs and metal/punk with horror/SF overtones. I've already linked to you, feel free to do the same, hehe...


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