Sunday, February 28, 2010

Giant Squid - Monster in the Creek

Questions upon conundrums dipped in riddles. Can a record based upon freshwater sharks preying on scrawny hillbilly children purely out of desperate hunger be considered beauiful? Could this happen again, and would it make a good concept album ninety years from this day? What would Lester Stillwell, who was eaten by the eponymous monster in 1916, make of this cerebral slab of chum? If you were eaten by a shark tomorrow, what would they play at your funeral?
Will there be sequels?


  1. Lester Stillwell, eh. So is this based on the same events that Akimbo's concept album "Jersey Shores" is?

  2. Indeed. Perhaps this Akimbo platter shall appear out of the creek at some point as well.


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