Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dagon - La Secta del Mar

Long forbidden in America, but destined to someday blacken our shores with pulsating putrid throbs of noise and guttural chanting in suppressed tongues, this audio recording of sounds from the moving picture Dagon, the ill-begotten brainchild of one Stuart Gordon, who had been responsible for the horrors of Re-Animator and From Beyond, and one Carles Cases, composer of nasty tuneless wailings, struggles to escape rightful oblivion even now. Its appearance here can bode no good, as surely as it spread madness in Spain, the place of its mewling birth. Hence it comes to you with unnamed songs of opaque meaning and thankfully sparse documentation.
They'll never believe you.


  1. Dagon is such a great movie! Probably the best adaptation of Lovecraft's work, though it really should have been called The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Plus, the CG was pretty minimal, and that always helps for a better horror flick. Great site.

  2. You have created a blog that contains the essence of all that I hold dear and (un)Holy, and I commend you. Keep it up and you're a sure thing for the 2011 Trappy Awards.
    Raucous. Squamous. Amorphous.


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