Tuesday, February 23, 2010

If The Bomb Falls: A Recorded Guide To Survival

Beginning with the eerie wail of an air raid siren, this scratchy postwar LP details at length the necessary steps required to survive a nuclear strike. Narrator David Wiley's robotic monotone, rattling off lists of supplies, or expounding on the odds of surviving a direct hit versus the prolonged exposure of living downwind, lulls to listener into a reverie until the terrifying implications begin to sink in. Included are scans of "Facts about Fallout," the booklet included with the LP, and a wallet card of emergency instructions for full time preparedness.
Can You Survive A Hydrogen War?

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  1. Hey Abdul,

    Thanks for posting this. Creepy and weird. I appreciate your blog very much. Truly enjoy the randomness of it all. I downloaded this and liked the photos that came with it. I posted them on my blog, syphilisofthebrain.blogspot.com, I hope that is ok. I of course linked to your blog and to this post as well. Keep up the awesome work.



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