Thursday, March 11, 2010

Atomic Platters - Cold War Music From the Golden Age

A wonderfully disturbing compilation of jazz, country, blues, pop, etc., celebrating that great orver-arching metaphor of the twentieth century, the mushroom cloud. These songs in turn celebrate, satire, decry, and learn to love the bomb. Other sub-categories include the Cold War itself, UFOs, the Red Menace, the Space Race, the Korean and Vietnam wars, espionage, and preparedness for the looming apocalypse. Delightful celebrity public service announcements punctuate the proceedings as well, from Groucho Marx to Boris Karloff. Big musical names such as Doris Day, Wanda Jackson, Hank Williams, The Commodores, Tom Lehrer, and Bo Diddley crop up alongside many other acts. Still frighteningly topical, this box set radiates nostalgia and dread in equal parts.

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  1. thanks for this post! it's about two discs, are there more discs in this set?



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