Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spawn Sacs

The one and only vinyl release by Chattanooga/Miami's ferocious blacked out punk maniacs Spawn Sacs (named after some strange fishing apparatus), this six minute seven inch record contains four original tunes full of spite and slobber and one doom-crying apocalyptic Bob Marley cover, which sounds strange, I know, but it works. For years Spawn Sacs were the toughest, pants-shittingest band in the south, hiding stolen cases of whiskey in their van and distributing homemade Spawn Sacs condom to impressionable young children. There are more recordings than this, and once I have them in my sweaty grasp I will surely share them with you; in the meantime enjoy(?) this brief spasm of puke and cowbell, and next time you're in Chattanooga, ask around. Rumors are there's still a closet full of them somewhere. For the record, I've seen other versions of this elsewhere on the internet but these are properly tagged, 320k mp3s.
Congratulations, you're dead.


  1. love this record! there is a closet of them somewhere in chattanooga, i'm sure of it. my copy of this has a b&w cover. totally fun fuckin punk!!

  2. hey thanx i used to have this record but lost it long ago, my old band played with these guys when they came out to the bay area at some point in the late 90s we did lots of drinking so the whole weekends kind of a blur...


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