Friday, November 5, 2010

Celestiial - Desolate North

One thing among few that the farthest, bleakest extreme reaches of heavy metal has in common with the string of balmy islands off of our continent's western coast: the double I. Maledictiih, Mortiis, Mütiilation, Celestiial, Hawaii... What I'm getting at is that it's freezing here in the Swamp, and I'm trying to think warm thoughts. Celestiial plays funereal doom of the sparsest, most glacial variety. Distant, doppler-effected drums crash aimlessly in isolation, whilst whole notes ring out and blend into swirling Aurora Boreali, enchanting but difficult to focus on. The sound of tweeting birdies is merely an hallucination of your frost-bitten mind; it's actually the sound of ice forming inside your ear canals. Your only hope is that whiskey bottle, and it's looking awfully low...
Lamentations in the Citadel of God

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