Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Bo Diddley - Big Bad Bo

A thousand pardons, swamplings, but tonight finds your host unreasonably surly and uncharacteristically tight-lipped. Much fooferall has been made recently about Bo Diddley's "Black Gladiator" album, which fuses 60's psychedelia with the man's traditional gangsta rock braggadocio, as if it's the only record he ever released in the style, just because it's been recently re-released on vinyl and has a cool name. Here's an equally succinct LP in the same style. I'm having a hard time typing and pontificating, due to my throbbing headache and general misanthropy, so let's make this brief and to the point:
He's Got All My Whiskey

I promise not to be so foul-tempered in a couple of days, but just listen to this in the meantime. The wheels of the universe continue to spin; all will be right.

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