Monday, September 19, 2011

The "Priest" They Called Him

It's been a moment since I dropped any William S. Burroughs material, so have this ten inch record of Uncle Bill reading his excellent short "The "Priest" They Called Him" with the squealing guitar background created by one Kurt Cobain.  A harrowing tale of a junkie at Christmas, a pair of severed legs, and the immaculate fix, punctuated by Cobain's "Silent Night"-based noise wall, this little miracle is as ultimately hopeful as it is nauseating.  Sweat it out.


  1. You might like this:

    Just wanted to say too I love your blog. I don't always love the music, but always love your descriptions and your use of language. Do you write as well?

    Thanks for the good work,


  2. I've wanted this for aaaaaages!

    Thanks so much man! Your blog is fantastic.

  3. You're welcome, thanks for the nice words, and for the interesting link.

    Yes, I am a writer outside of the Swamp as well.


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