Saturday, September 3, 2011

Abgott - Artefacts of Madness

Proving the old adage about the weirdest of metal coming out of Italy, Abgott's complex, mathy black metal is thoroughly constructed and precise.  There's hints of that Meshugga-derived irregular chug, Enslaved's epic sweep, and the sheer nuttiness of early Voivod, combined with a Lovecraftian lyrical bent.  For all the clinicism of the playing, there's still a nasty heft here, a mad whirl of rage usually absent from today's technical death metal scene.  Abgott are no theoreticians or hipster music school dropouts - this is the real deal, and it is scary.


  1. I've been pretty over black metal lately, but this is pretty great and completely fucked.

  2. I was about to post "Fizala" which I like even better but it vanished off my mediafire. I'll upload it soon, it's just frothingly angry.

  3. Wow, this is amazing, definitely what the doctor ordered this morning.


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