Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Satyricon - Volcano

Satyricon is another one of those wildly divisive bands that seems to split people into two camps with very few occupying a middle ground. If you think black metal should all look and sound like Mayhem in 1994 forever and ever, you've probably despised everything Satyricon's released since, well, 1996. If you're more of a mind that black metal is framework with which to build and expand upon at will (or strip bare, or burn to the ground), there's a chance you'll still hate it. I, for one, quite like the paring down of several essential elements into a distilled liqueur of venom and spite. While not quite squarely in the Motörhead/crusty mountain troll mode of recent Darkthrone or Carpathian Forest, 2002's vicious Volcano is still a groovy, forward-marching war machine, flattening poseurs and internet kvlt police in its horrible wake.
Fuel For Hatred

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  1. Nice to see someone else appreciates this record.


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