Thursday, August 4, 2011

In the year 3030

A classic of dystopian hip-hop, a peak album in a tiny sub-genre that soon spiraled into self-parody and cheap commercialism, an Orwellian prophecy of end times, and a hilarious send-up of corny sci-fi movies, 3030 is a must for any student of The Apocalypse. This album is a distinct product of the waning of the happy-go-lucky Clinton era and the approaching of the turbulent first decade of a new millennium, heralded by Y2K paranoia and a radical rightwards swing in American politics. 9/11 was over a year away when this was released - I find it odd that this record can stand as a nerdy bit of weedian self-indulgence and simultaneously as a bold premonition of war.


  1. Thanks for this, man. Never would have heard it without you!!!

  2. One of my favorite albums ever. I've seen Del in concert a couple times, and this does seem to have been the highwater mark of his career. He claims he, Automator & Kid Koala are working on a sequel, but that was over 3 years ago.

  3. This year's Golden Era is pretty good, but kind of a big sprawling mess. This is the only album where Del is 100% focused and not just babbling part of the time. A sequel would be interesting but he's too far out now to produce a tight, bullshit-free record like this ever again.


  4. Kid Koala has tweeted more about the sequal more recently. Deltron Event II is close.

    Thank god, I've only been waiting 6 years!

    I've just discovered this blog, tonight, while searching for more Daniele Luppi. Exceptional, blog. Honestly, thank you.


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