Wednesday, July 20, 2011

H.C. Minds - The Beginning of the End

Like many of you, I have been basking in the dark radiation of the new Yob album repeatedly for the last several days. I'm not going to post it, but I will unleash this monstrosity from H.C. Minds, for which Mike Scheidt and Travis Foster of Yob once played. While HCM trades in a crusty doom style not dissimilar to Yob, it is nonetheless more filthy, nasty, and preoccupied with apocalyptic matters, making it right at home here in the Swamp. Elements of the nastiest Amebix-worship hardcore creep in around the edges too, lending a particular stink to the proceedings. Lots of ugliness, nihilism, and pessimism here, oh joy.
Land of the Wargoat


  1. I saw Yob last week and fuck, you know when you go to a show and you have no idea how long the band played because they were so captivating? That was Yob. Plus Mike Scheidt gave everybody hugs.

  2. I'm loving ATMA so I'd better check this out. Ta.


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