Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Motörhead - Covers

This here is a fan-made bootleg collecting, yes, a bunch of Motörhead cover versions: Enter Sandman, Breaking the Law, The Trooper, Whiplash, etc. Purists will note that "Ramones" is actually a Motörhead song which the Ramones later covered and "Hellraiser" is a Lemmy/Ozzy collaboration, which technically makes it not a cover, but we're not here to split hairs, are we? Also I should note that completists may wish to obtain the seven inch record of Motörhead and Wendy O. Williams covering "Stand By You Man," just to round out the bunch. I didn't mess with the track listing but I did correct and normalize all the tags and volumes, right down to the last umlaut. This is by no means complete but it is a nice, CD-length compilation for rocking by the pool in your obscene little shorty shorts.
It's a Long Way to the Top

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