Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Babe Ruth - First Base

Today's special is another groovy slab of proggish proto-metal, from England's Babe Ruth. Staking their own unique little plot of sound with singer Janita Haan's Joplin-howl and some surprisingly pretty and lush strings in between more traditional bluesy skronk, this album is most notorious for the heavily-covered "The Mexican," but about every other song is a total killer rock number, and even the quieter ones tend to pick up steam towards the end. Plus, dig that crazy cover!
Have you seen a black dog's eyes
Staring in the fire?


  1. My dad had this on vinyl, used to play it for me cuz I liked the space creatures on front. Great choice!

  2. really great stuff, i suggest this to everyone who has an open mind. theres even a frank zappa cover!!!

  3. And i forgot to mention the frankzappa cover was recorded ''streaight'' with no over dubbing or electronic trickery!

  4. I can barely express how much I love this album! I cried the first time I heard "The Mexican". I was stoned, that's my excuse. But man this album rules.


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