Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Runemagick - On Funeral Wings

I was going to post something entirely different, something quirky and breezy, but as night descends and temperatures drop to an unseasonable chill, it resonates hollowly and I find myself returning to the realms of doom and death. Runemagick is a long-running player in the death/doom game, predating the current boom by two decades, yet they haven't quite received their due in my opinion. Nevertheless, they grimly soldier on, producing album after album of dense, occult misery reeking of Armageddon. This particular example, their eighth LP from 2004, is a sprawling and ambitious epic incorporating many diverse influences without straying too far from its plodding, elephantine gait. Preceded by the more straightforward Darkness Death Doom, and followed by the more funereal Envenom, this full length reflects a murky high-water mark from a band who has yet to produce anything of less than excellent quality.
Black Star Abyss


  1. Yea!...Thanks!...they're new to me...go well with The Gates of Slumber this pissing heavy rain Friday afternoon...

  2. Runemagick are perhaps the most criminally underrated band I can think of. On Funeral Wings is one the band's absolute finest recordings, and spans over 70 minutes of crushing yet melodic and funereal death and doom. This should also appeal to those into dark, mysterious psychedelic soundscapes and anyone who is compelled by this "power of the riff".

    Also highly recommened is their 10th album, "Invocation of Magick".


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