Monday, May 30, 2011

Paul Cary - Ghost of a Man

Hm, I believe this is a free album so despite its recent vintage I shan't feel too bad about sharing it. Paul Cary, former frontman of punk band The Horrors (the good one, not the shitty British band), recorded this cobwebby, creaking album onto tape in the middle of a big echoey room, raw and honest. Blending blues, rockabilly, Tom Waits-ish clanking, lo-fi garage rock, and haunting country sounds into one dark, pungent stew, Ghost of a Man has been on constant rotation here in the Swamp lately. The mix of misanthropy and humor on these songs is perhaps their finest feature. Best line: “If it wasn’t for the devil, the Bible would be so boring.” Order vinyl and get a free download here or get it from Uncle Abdul here.

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