Monday, June 21, 2010

Crushed Butler - Uncrushed I was all ready to pontificate about a certain album, only to find that Mediafire seems to have deleted it. Well, it wasn't all that great anyway, so let's talk about something really good instead: Crushed Butler. Formed amid the British stench and grime that simultaneously gave birth to Black Sabbath, these three thugs only ever managed to record six songs before splintering off into less interesting acts. All six are present here, and each one is an individual little diamond in the rough, as it were. The story goes that their label gave them the syrupy ballad "Love is All Around Me" to record and blew a gasket when the boys returned with the stomping, nasty pounder found here, equal parts Stooges and Blue Cheer. They were promptly dropped from the label but managed to eke out the other five tunes contained within (over the course of two years), mostly grim tales of smog and claustrophobia like the killer "Factory Grime." I really couldn't recommend this more highly.


  1. Stoked to hear this, but .cbr? WTF?
    Any preference on cbr > mp3 converters, if such a thing exists?

  2. Link fixed. Stupid mediafire's been screwy all day for me.


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