Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blackfeather - At the Mountains of Madness

There certainly are quite a few albums entitled "At the Mountains of Madness," aren't there? One of the perks of this sort of research is discovering strange new records simply out of curiosity and the fear of running out of material. Fortunately for all of us, that seems unimaginable at this point, given the sheer amount of bizarre music that exists on this plane. For example, I might not have ever heard this wild Australian psych band were it not for my obsessive pack-rat nature and and experimental whiskey-fueled Googling. The stars align, though, and I must admit I've been listening to it repeatedly over the last week. I shan't waste words describing it, but it should be noted that it features a young, pre-AC/DC Bon Scott playing recorder and tambourine.
On This Day That I Die


  1. i see you got the tape...i hope you enjoy it, or that it drives you mad...either works. ;)

  2. and i hope you like the little drawing/note with it also.

  3. thanks for blackfeather!and thanks for sharing


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