Monday, February 13, 2012


Behold, little ones!  Your lamentations do not fall upon deaf ears.  What started as a simple weekend investigation turned into a cross-dimensional goose chase, and upon my Return to the Swamp I find that the end of blog things has come and gone, and nobody told me. 

The archives are intact, though.  Sorry to leave you with such a shitty black metal record, but I'm pretty excited to sit down and sort out all these submissions from readers. 

Those of you who've expressed interest in the field of parallel-universe record collecting, you're right, it should have been Lars.


  1. The beast from the other dimension be praised! Brother Abdul is still with us!

  2. Glad you're back...

  3. And lo, he returned from the burning wastes.

    And he did bear with him much foul, heretical arcana, which brought terrible pain unto our ear holes, and unbearable visions of unholy terror to dance maddeningly before our bloodshot eyes...

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