Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knockabouts - On Suffering Remembered

Conceivably the first punk band in Alabama, The Knockabouts cover the usual topics that early hardcore bands concerned themselves with: Nuclear War, Reaganomics, alienation, boredom, etc., with a justifiable focus on the terrible redneck hellhole they grew up in as evidenced by a reworking of a certain popular ditty as "Shit Home Alabama." Surprisingly eloquent lyrics filled with distinct imagery and poetic detail elevate this from the vast number of 7 inch records around this time, as do a willingness to eschew hardcore lockstep for more chaotic song structures and tempo changes. Still, there is something very punk about an eight-song record that plays in less time than it takes to type a paragraph describing it.
"Help me, I'm trapped in a human body."

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